KHUSH bday week & releases!

Hay All!
Got a lot of news for you, but I’m gonna start with my new releases for today….

Shirley Tops, Available in 8 colors…

And also, yes… say hello to the sequinssssss! I missed me some glitters!
Shirley tops DISCO VERSION! Available in 10 colors!

As you maybe noticed, KHUSH celebrated her 1st bday last weekend… and we decided to make it a bday week, instead of day….

** We have 2 gifts out in the store, free to pick up the whole week….

** The gatcha machine is normally 35L, but this whole week set to 1L for each item inside the machines! that is worth a try right?

** 5 Random items in the store are marked down to 10 L… these items will be changed every single day so a lot of choice over the whole week! the only thing you need to do is actually FIND them ;))

** I also decided that i’m retiring my male items. but instead of just trow them out….i marked all items down to 10 L…
So all male items will be available for 10 L untill sunday.. and after that they will be gone forevers!

** Little SIM update… Not only we changed name, to Blau, we can also welcome some new stores on the sim… Next to LeLutka, FIR, Sissi, Muism and Maddesigns.. we can also say Hi to Truth Hair and EverGlow poses  to make it even more awesomeness! ❤

Both Autumn and i wanna thank all of you for your support the last year…
Without you we were nowhere..

Have fun finding the secret shopper items, and have a great week!

Autumn & Liess

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