KHUSH moving to a new sim!

August 8,
The date that,

KHUSH will leave dixon agence and will move to the sim Giallo.
Where we set our home together with my lovely friend Blazin Aubret, and her partner Gauge Carter, Owners of Hollywood/Epic Gestures.
Besides Hollywood/Epic Gestures and KHUSH, you can also find LeLutka, TKO, Muism, FIR, Kmadd and Sissi on the sim who all set out their greatest stuff for you!

To celebrate our opening, we will have a huge openings party on august 8, starting 1 pm slt.
DJ Booch and DJ DDirty will make your hips swing around for 5 full hours with the best music at this moment!

To make it even more fun, monday, august 9, there will be a simwide hunt, with loads of huntprizes from KHUSH, Hollywood/Epic Gestures, and other stores.

KHUSH will release 9 new clothing releases, 6 tattoo releases, and we have our own Gatcha machine!
More info, pictures and SLurl will follow end of the week,

Liess & Autumn

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