Lots of KHUSH-new-ness

Hayy y’all!
We got lots of tattoo’s for you guys this week! A special set…. AND a 75L Sunday offer!

Starting with the clothes,
This set is available for a limited time, and by buying it you are supporting War Child Canada*.

Set includes a ripped jeans (with lace!) and a Red Tube Minidress (Wearable as Top and Dress!)

You can also donate in the donationbox infront of the store! every linden goes straight to War Child.


“Big Girls Don’t Cry”
Available in 2 versions. 1 Version Text on Belly, 1 Version text on Back, or 1 Pack with both.

‘ Lyrical Fun’

Starting with ” I spent my time just thinkin thinkin thinkin bout you”  …. (i dont have to tell u where thats from huh?)

Next we have, ” I want your ugly i want your disease, I want your everything as long as its free, i want your love, love love love, i want your love”   !   (Sing it woohooo!)

And last but not least, ” Hallelujah” …..

(Bigger pick click here)

* War Child Canada : Charity nr: 872374426RR0001.

Have a great weekend.

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