KHUSH 60 % Sale

Hey All,

A while ago the team and i decided it was time for a new Mainstore…
We all agreed we needed a building with more space, better rooms, for optimal, and less laggy shoppingexperience.
The last couple of weeks we are working hard to get this all ready to go, and with just a little bit to go before we can switch to the new building, we are announcing a little ‘Hello we are retiring stock sale’.
The next couple of days all items who won’t come back after the rebuilding, will be in store with 60% Off!
Yep, 60% , you heard that right.

This won’t be a long sale, but i do hope you all enjoy it, and next time you hear something from me, its with a brand new mainstore, and loaaaads of new releases!




New Releases! Yep!

Hey Hey!
New release, yea!

After we released Lolli outfit, we got a lot of questions if these tops would be released in separate colors, well.. because you asked so nicely!
These come in LOADS of colors!

Willow dress :
Lola top with Capris :

Tattoos :

Even Angels :

Never a Failure :
Pocket full :
Whats my name :

Dont forget to pick up the gifts under the xmastree in the middle of the sim, our Happy Holidays Hunt Item… and keep an eye on the notices, lots of things are coming!


Our newest release is this lovely Amyy dress, which is wearable as dress or nice comfi sweater. Amyy comes in 6 colors, and sculpted collar/cuff/skirt.


It’s december 1, first day of the end of 2010… time flies when you are having fun, huh.

It’s also freezzzzing outside, and when i come home rl the first thing i do is jump in some sweatpants, so i decided to make some for SL too.
This sweatpants is for boys and girls, so take your boyfriend with you so you can match up your outfits, or use the gift option!

Hope you all like it
Nuria Pants :


Because of ‘Black Friday’ we decided we did it a lil bit more crazy, and make it KHUSH’s ‘Black Weekend’. 
All fatpacks in the new section are 50 % off till sunday night!


New releases!

Hope you all had a great week. We have some great releases for y’all.

We have some new tops, tattoo’s and some new poses!
(New section)
Mia :
Becca  :
Slogan :
(Tattoo section)
Tattoo :
(Pose section)
All poses :

New Releases!!

Hope you all had a great weekend… and i just wanna make it even better with showing you our new releases.

First of all we start with some leggings.

Kirsty made a zipped legging outfit and she had so much amazing reactions about it that she decided to make them in more colors.. so from now on the zipped leggings are also available separate.

You can also find these Nexx Leggings in the new section, in a lot of available colors and options.

And just for this week, there is a discounted Nexx Pack, with 2 unique colors for only 50 L!

In the Outfit section you can find a new outfit, called Naomi, which comes with a sculpted chestpart.

And as last, but definitly not least, we are welcoming Cheyn Lane to our team, who made some pretty hot poses for you and believe me, you can expect a lot more hotness!
The easiest way to go to the pose section is using the tp signs in front of the store.